Epigenic Therapeutics is a frontier biotechnology company dedicated to developing next generation gene editing therapy utilizing regulation of epigenetic genome for a variety of diseases. Founded in 2021 by leading scientists focused on discovering gene editing technologies and developing gene editing therapies, the company has multiple product candidates in the pipeline, including treatment for ocular, neurodegeneration, metabolic, and rare diseases.

To commit to research and development of safe and sustainable gene therapy in order to help patients live better and longer
To pioneer gene regulation-based biotherapeutics in order to benefit patients worldwide
We are focused on people, ethically responsible, driven towards excellence, and scientifically innovative

Our experienced leadership team combines world class scientists and industry veterans with a proven track record in the discovery, development and commercialization of groundbreaking therapies that transform patient care in a variety of disease areas. Together, our leaders promote a culture of scientific rigor and translational mindset to bring our novel technology into life saving therapies for the patients who stand to benefit the most.