Epigenic Editing Tools for Safe and Efficient Medicine

Current gene editing technologies in our field have potential shortcomings, including DNA cleavage-associated off target effects, short therapeutic half-life, and patient compliance issues. Our company seeks to provide solutions by combining CRISPR-CAS-derived innovations with our lipid nanoparticle (LNP) medicine delivery system.  Our platform has been proven to precisely and efficiently deliver medicine to target cells and tissues ex vivo  and in vivo in ocular, neurodegenerative, metabolic, and rare disease models.

Our Proprietary Epigenetic Editor to Regulate Target Genes

Epigenetic modifications are key mechanisms for gene regulation in almost all organisms, which can be stable and heritable, enabling a single fertilized egg to develop into a multi-organ individual. Here in EPIGENIC Therapeutics, we developed Epigenetic Editors, a platform that utilizes nuclease-inactivated  CRISPR-Cas and epi-enzymes to precisely modify the epi-genome to cure diseases without any changes to DNA sequences.

Artificial Intelligence Enables Novel Epigenetic Editor Tool

We continue to bring better epigenetic medicines to patients. Multi-system optimization was facilitated by our fine-tuned deep learning models, which built on our breadth of collected and lab-generated data. Taking advantages of AI models, novel subunits of epigenetic editors, optimal targets and tissue-specific LNP components are being discovered, precisely optimizing the medicine development and improving human health.

Targeted Delivery for Precise Medicine

We center on the non-viral vehicles for the target delivery of epigenetic editing tools. Our scientists have developed more than 10 novel formulations, based lipid nanoparticle or nucleic acid aggregates, which can channel the dynamic process of tissue accumulation, cell targeting, lysosome escape and intracellular release of the cargos. To date, we have achieved high in vivo specificity in lung, spleen, liver, neural systems, choroidal, and corneal epithelial cells. With the aid of our deep learning techniques, Epigenic Editor places more emphasis on harnessing the “corona effect” for the enhanced delivery efficiency, which may shed light on the novel molecules and formulations.

•  Harness “corona effect” for the enhanced targeting
•  Cytosolic delivery & release of the gene-editing tools